10 Warming & Easy Vegan Soups in 20 Minutes or Less

Think that healthy, natural vegan recipes have to be difficult and time-consuming to prepare? Well, think again. There are tons of simple, quick vegan recipes that can be assembled in no time, and soups are among the heartiest, best-tasting, and easiest to put together. How does vegan miso soup sound on a cold winter night? Or a filling bowl of soba, or perhaps butternut squash with vegetables? Try these out for your next weeknight dinner – even your non-vegan friends are sure to love them!

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyone loves soup – but they surely must be time and energy intensive to cook, right?
  • No! These simple vegan soups are quick to whip up, filling, and nutritious.
  • These recipes will provide just what you need for the next time that you’re craving a hot bowl of soup.

“Nothing satisfies like a comforting bowl of soup when you come home feeling tired and chilled or need a remedy for a cold.”

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