5 Great Ways to Cleanse After Eating Too Much

The holidays are a great way to get off your diet. The sweets, the fats, the alcohol, but getting back on track is easy. Green smoothies are a great start. The greens, like spinach and kale, add in great anti-inflammatory properties and help cleanse your system. You can also add in fruits, as well as ginger and lemon juice, both of which are great for the digestive system. Cider vinegar is also perfect to add in. It helps to cut down on heartburn and bloat.

Key Takeaways:

  • Green smoothies have so many different benefits for people in addition to their cleansing qualities.
  • Juicing is said to help your overall health and in particular, your gut health.
  • Greens are filled with the most nutrients and offer a ton of benefits to the human body.

“The good news is that these 5 great ways to cleanse your body after an evening (or days, as the holiday spirit sets in) of overindulgence, are easy as well as tasty!”

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