7 Nearly Recipe-Free Flavor-Packed Veggie Pizza Ideas

You don’t need a recipe all the time if you’re cooking with quality ingredients when it comes to veggie pizza. Most pizzas are baked at the same temperature, and the amount of ingredients used isn’t an exact amount; if you make too much of something, you can always repurpose the extra item(s) in a wrap or something else. There are plenty of ways to make a veggie pizza and plenty of examples because veggie pizza is so versatile.

Key Takeaways:

  • A pizza is not about the toppings, but the crust and the sauce.
  • Veggie pizzas are not as limited as people may think.
  • Leftover toppings can be used as part of a side dish.

“When you start with a good-quality whole-grain prepared pizza crust and an all-natural sauce, honestly, you don’t need to follow an exact recipe to make creative, delicious veggie pizzas. Vegan mozzarella-style cheese is optional in any of these variations”

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