A Mix of Inspirations

There is a real art to making bread and a time commitment. Rye bread, for instance, is prepared one day, baked the next, and then not cut for another two to three days. The baking process best recommended for caramelization is 225 degrees for 24 hours, though some bake it for a shorter time of 13 hours with a hotter oven, the author felt the caramelization was lost. Sandwich loaves can also be made, and a nice tutorial can be found at the www.thefreshloaf.com site.

Key Takeaways:

  • Baking temperatures can really make or break a recipe. In this case, the recipe called for a shorter time then she normally does and she did not like it as much.
  • The flour of bread pops up quicker than normally expected.
  • About 32 grams of water is needed while 40 grams of dough is needed.

“The flavor was outstanding, and it was just plain fun to try shaping these tricksy little beasts!”

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