Brookie Cookies

Want a brownie? Want a chocolate chip cookie? Want both? Try a brookie! This mélange of chocolate chip cookies and brownies give you a perfect yin-yang and bites on both side of the cookie for chocolate goodness. You will basically make two doughs. The brownie cookie dough has melted butter in so it needs time to set and cool, but once done and balled up, you can splice it with the chocolate chip cookies and get ready to bake in the oven.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make the brownie cookie first since it needs to set before baking
  • The recipe for both is pretty standard but a bit more stiff for the brownie cookie
  • Ball them up and combine into little “yin and yang” like combos before baking

“Can’t decide between a brownie or a chocolate chip cookie? You won’t have to when you make these Brookie Cookies!”

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