Burrito Bowl with Cumin Lime Crema

Making a burrito bowl is a fairly simple concept. The important thing is to take the idea that Chipotle has put out there and made that much more. This recipe goes over the basics of it along with a few anecdotes about growing up in California and getting good Mexican regularly. The bowl is vegan, giving you plenty of options for all friends, using tahini over sour cream or table cream, to thicken up the cumin-lime crema and keep it simple

Key Takeaways:

  • The dish is completely vegan using tahini to thicken the crema
  • Canned ingredients are used to help make this an easy dish for any night of the week
  • This will feel like a Chipotle burrito bowl especially as the crema is added to the dish

“Their burrito bowls (the recipe for which I’m sharing today) are fresh and light and dressed with an insanely flavorful (albeit, unconventional) sauce.”

Read more: https://www.turntablekitchen.com/recipes/burrito-bowl-cumin-lime-crema/