Cheese-Free Sweet Potato “Quesadillas”

Quesadillas are enjoying renewed popularity among many foodies around the country. Sweet potato can make these quesadillas cheese free for those on a diet. Some people simply can’t eat dairy in their everyday meals. But these ingredients will still make a tasty quesadilla that needs to be tried. Follow the recipe closely to enjoy a special dish that everyone will try. Serve these quesadillas at a party or other event to get some feedback.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sweet potato is a healthy alternative to cheese as a quesadilla filling
  • If you like this alternative recipe, you can still like traditional cheese quesadillas!
  • This alternative to typical cheese filled quesadillas is also easy to make.

“Those of you who actually try this sweet potato quesadilla (or batatadilla, if you prefer) will be rewarded with deliciousness and deliciosity combined.”

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