Cocoa Butter Cookies With Chocolate Chips

Try a few cocoa butter cookies with chocolate chips that suit any season. The holidays can be spruced up with these cocoa butter cookies for guests. They have a savory and sweet taste that combines together very well. Cocoa butter cookies are popular and make it easier than ever to enjoy their taste. Prepare them according to the ingredients list provided on the package. Chocolate chips are a delectable addition that needs to be tried.

Key Takeaways:

  • The addition of cocoa butter will give your cookies a new flavor over traditional butter.
  • The recipe is pretty normal but you need to be aware of how to handle the cocoa butter properly.
  • It needs to be melted because of how brittle and hard it is prior to melting.

“Unrefined cocoa butter is a solid oil with an unbelievable richness and delicate chocolate aroma.”

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