Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies

What is it about the taste of tart-sweet cranberries and citrus that makes us all think of cranberry bogs and harvest weather? Whatever it is, the combination is a deeply satisfying sweet for fall. You can make cranberry orange blends in many ways but an easy combination is found in these shortbread cookies. In making them, make sure to chop cranberries finely and be prepared for a stiff dough. Once the prep is complete, you’ll find these cookies easy to roll, cut out and bake. They’ll also be an easy win.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shortbread cookies are a timeless classic that has appealed to many people. Look no further than a simple recipe that will appeal to anyone.
  • Cranberry orange shortbread cookies are as popular as ever with many people. It is something new that cooks may not have tried before now.
  • They are the perfect cookie for the winter season around the holidays. People will look forward to the holidays so they can try these treats.

“If you’re wanting something fun and different for the holidays this year, then look no further! These sweet little gems are just bursting with bright wintry flavor.”

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