Harvest Bowls with Spelt Berries, Tempeh, & Roasted Root Vegetables from Power Plates

Looking for a power-packed veggie dish to get you going? Try this Harvest Bowl recipe, brought to you by Power Plates. It’s a vegetarian dish with a ton of nutritious and delicious different components: tempeh for protein and texture, spelt berries for added nutrients, and roasted root vegetables to capture the harvests of the fall and winter season. Best of all, it’s surprisingly easy to prepare. Add this to your recipe repertoire to mix things up a bit!

Key Takeaways:

  • Think that tasty vegan meals are tough to prepare and time-consuming? Think again.
  • These hearty harvest bowls are easy to make, delicious, as bursting with flavor.
  • Tempeh adds protein, while the roasted root vegetables contribute depth, and everything is tied together with a delicious maple mustard dressing.

“These harvest bowls are full of sweet and savory flavors, packed with tender roasted root veggies, chewy spelt berries, and a cider-baked tempeh that I think is pretty irresistable.”

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