Hearty Vegan Chick’n & Bean Chili

There are more vegan protein options than just tofu and beans. Or even some of the options available from food manufacturers such as vegan faux “meat” substitutes. Soy curls are very flexible and tasty and can be fit into a variety of recipes. One good one is a vegan bean and “chicken” chili that is yummy and filling. Using a solid vegan chili recipe, but adding some flavored and prepared soy curls, it’s easy to prepare. Soy curls can be ordered from Amazon, or found at health food suppliers or vegan grocers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even vegans want to try a chili recipe that suits their own tastes. Vegan chick’n is a popular option and can be included in the chili too.
  • The recipe is considered both inexpensive and incredibly easy to make too. Share the recipe with friends and try the vegan chili on the go.
  • Make a lot of the chili to enjoy vegan dining for days to come. It is simply delicious and can even be taken to work as needed.

“There are many, many commercial vegan chick’n options these days, but for me, this one offers me the most bang for my buck: inexpensive, incredibly easy to prepare, and delicious.”

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