Help! Classic French Bread dough

Baking bread can be daunting but shouldn’t be. This will help you if you want to make classic French bread. The smell of this baking will fill your home and will make you so glad you tried it. Freshly baked bread is so comforting and delicious, and it does take work but isn’t as hard as you probably think once you have the hang of it. It just takes time and patience to get it right.

Key Takeaways:

  • To create a dough with a smooth texture, it is important to use a weaker flour than King Arthur bread flour, as it will require less kneading.
  • Subsequently, it makes sense to also use a flour with a lower protein content as it will be easier to knead.
  • You will know that your flour is appropriate if a smooth gluten dough is produced after 2-3 minutes of mixing with a Kitchen Aid machine

“The dough appears torn and in layers and rough and lumpy. This hasn’t ever happened to me before. I just made his ciabatta and a lean dough which were both fine”

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