How To Cook Brown Rice In The Oven

Brown rice is preferred over white by many who feel it’s healthier. It also has a nuttier flavor and more texture. Cooking rice can be tricky, though. It can be done in the oven which makes it easier. This gives tips for it so your brown rice will turn out well. You can then eat it in many dishes which will be better for having well-cooked rice. When trying to cook it on the stove it’s too easy to burn it or have it not turn out well.

Key Takeaways:

  • brown rice cooked in the oven is even, fine and properly cooked.,and delicious.
  • oven to be preheated and for 1 cup of rice 51/4 cups of water is required.
  • cover the oven-safe bowl with lid and cooking time is about 60 minutes.

“Oven rice cooks evenly frees up your stove, AND doesn’t burn on the bottom.”

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