How to Cook Farro, the Hearty & Healthy Ancient Grain

Farro is one of the ancient grains. These tend to be healthy and hardy. They are good in many dishes. It can be hard to cook them, though. You need the right amount of liquid for starters. This gives great info on cooking it so it turns out the way it should. It can then be used in soups, casseroles in more. It is healthier than rice and can often replace it to add nutrients to your dish.

Key Takeaways:

  • While not gluten-free, farro has lower gluten that traditional winter wheat
  • A simple 1 to 3 ratio is important to keep in mind, with 1 part grain and 3 parts water or stock
  • It takes slightly longer to cook than brown rice, about 30 minutes, so use that to your advantage.

“Farro is a superior grain in terms of nutrition. It’s an excellent source of iron and is high in fiber. It contains no cholesterol or sugars, is very low in fat, and as far as grains go, is a good source of protein and has a small but significant amount of calcium.”

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