How To Make Better Coffee At Home

This article introduces you to a new coffee mail order service that sends you coffee from Seattle’s Slate Coffee Roasters along with a vinyl record for those of us who still have record players. It only costs a few bucks more than most other coffee subscriptions services, so you are getting the coffee and record at a very good price. The article then goes into how to better brew your coffee if it is tasting bitter or sour, which is a very helpful lesson.

Key Takeaways:

  • To change the flavor of your coffee you need to change variables such as time, grind and weight.
  • You could either over-extract your coffee or under-extract you coffee depending on how much time you spend brewing it.
  • The size at which you grind your coffee is so important because it could make your coffee either too sour or too bitter.

“Thankfully, making delicious coffee is easy so long as you understand extraction.”

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