How to Make Marzipan Carrots

In this article, “How to make marzipan carrots,” Lori Lange tempts the taste buds with a recipe that easily looks like the real carrots using marzipan, cocoa, carrot fronds, and orange and red gel-paste coloring. She concedes that she came up with this recipe by reading a book and that she practices making meals like this while exercising.
The author says that bakers make several uses of marzipan in their confections. That was what motivated her to try this. It was a delight to see the pictures she posted on the site to support her article. After making the marzipan carrots, they looked like real carrots only that the coloring was red while real carrots are light red. Yet, the meal can pass off for carrots. It was a delight to read this for those who have the desire to try out several meal offerings. As the author suggests, one can top marzipan carrots to cheesecakes as she does.

Key Takeaways:

  • Martha Stewart’s marzipan carrots provide a great meal for easter
  • Using marzipan, color it with gel drops and shape into carrots
  • To make it look realistic, use a knife to make indents in the marzipan

“And the best part?… you can eat these dirty little carrots. They taste like an almond confection.”

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