Jewish Corn Rye Bread Recipe

One poster on the message board is asking for help with ripening sour to the 80% state and what it means. It appears that 80% means that the starter mix of bacteria and yeast has reached an 80% hydration rate. You know the sour has reached that point as the aroma is quite pungent and acidic, as fermentation has started. This process takes a few days and the sour is known as the starter for most sourdough recipes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rye sourdough is started by something called a “rye sour” which is made with whole rye flour.
  • To create a starter you need to mix whole rye with water and take half of every 24 hours and discard.
  • After two weeks it will become bubbly and ready to bake with, just make sure to save some for the next batch of dough.

“I would like to start with the Jewish Corn Rye Bread recipe but do not know what it means to “Ripen 80% rye sour until pungent” as per the instructions.”

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