Kabocha, Olive Oil, and Chocolate Cake

Kabocha is a popular squash that may be found at certain organic markets. Few people would think that it could go into a chocolate cake. But the squash could be the perfect addition to a creative and organic chocolate cake. Include olive oil and spices to mix together a delicious cake batter. The chocolate cake bakes easily and will come out hot for guests. Remember to top with a delicious icing and add some nut mix.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Seattle snowstorm forces a Turntable Kitchen columnist to stay indoors, against her usual preference.
  • She used the at-home time to paint, do laundry and rearrange her spices.
  • One of the things she was excited to do was to use her new Bertazzoni gas range, which she described as great for baking.

“Last weekend, I came across my favorite of all squashes at the farmer’s market (kabocha) and it reminded me of a recipe I had bookmarked in the Gjelina cookbook.”

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