Lasagna Soup

Lasagna is a little taste of heaven and the quintessential comfort food too. It’s even easier to get more of that taste when it’s made into a soup. The twist on this recipe is in the cooking. Pasta noodles will continue to cook and soften if left on the heat too long to shut off the heat when they’ve barely reached al dente so they stay firm enough until serving and will even last as leftovers. Try a healthier and even tastier version of lasagne in this hearty Italian soup.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most of the time lasagna is made with ground beef, however, this recipe uses Italian sausage to provide more flavor.
  • It is imperative to simmer the meat sauce to ensure a delicious, tender meat.
  • The great thing about the lasagne soup recipe is that provides you with comfort food with fewer calories and fat!

“If you want comfort, the answer is a bowl of Pasta con Broccoli, a serving of Manicotti, or cup of this Lasagna Soup.”

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