Lemon Dream Coffee Cake

The Lemon Dream coffee Cake the best coffee cake recipe to serve for a holiday brunch, special occasion or as a weekend breakfast treat. The sugary glaze is flavored with lemon and almond. Also, some sliced, toasted almonds are sprinkled on top. Sweet lemon dough prepared for this recipe is split into two rectangles. It’s baked until golden, and then the toppings are added.It is highly nutritional with calories 0f 426 per serving. the cholesterol content is 165 mg.

Key Takeaways:

  • This coffee cake is more like a pastry, not a streusel.
  • Great treat to serve for holidays or a special occasion.
  • Pastry holds a unique blend of lemon and almond flavors.

“This Lemon Coffee Cake recipe will give you a thin pastry drizzled with sweet glaze and topped with toasted almonds. This is the best Lemon Coffee Cake recipe!”

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