Miso Mushroom Pork (Quick Stir Fry)

Stir fry recipes are popular because they are relatively easy to make, and they can also be changed to fit the tastes of different people. Many veggies and even fruits can be added to make them healthier and any meat can be used. This is a great recipe as well because it includes mushrooms with are popular. Pork is used here. This recipe has great Asian flavors in it and will please anyone who loves Asian foods.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is best to use thinly sliced pork for this dish.
  • This is a very forgivable and flexible dish because you can use whatever ingredients you have.
  • Don’t cook the miso too long and adjust the salt content as needed based on the miso bought.

“My family was amazed by the magic of miso sauce making the pork meat and vegetables taste so good in just a few minutes.”

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