Outside The Box Vegan Holiday Dinners

Let’s all agree right now, Tofurkey is nasty. It’s this crazy weird vegan fake turkey. That to be honest, even vegans don’t like. So relatives that want to impress your vegan family members, please I beg of you, do not put that Frankenstein turkey on the table. Instead of serving fake meat dishes, let the meat go. Vegans don’t want to pretend meat. Think outside of the box, reinvent tradition. International recipes offer a wide array of flavors to enjoy. Refresh your recipe box with vegan world dishes. These vegan-friendly dishes will impress vegan and non-vegan alike.

Key Takeaways:

  • When serving a vegan Thanksgiving Dinner, don’t try to recreate traditional holiday foods (like turkey) using vegan ingredients.
  • Serve something different and unique: an international entree; a spiced up traditional side (chipotle sweet potatoes, anyone?); or a classic vegetarian main course.
  • Let the abundance of available vegetables and the variety of ways to prepare them to amaze your friends and family this season.

“In this post, you’ll learn how to serve an impressive Thanksgiving dinner (customized entirely to your unique family).”

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