Rice Pudding

If you are seeking a great old fashioned, but never get’s old dessert or comfort food, then look to your leftovers and pantry. Rice pupping is one of the easiest desserts to make and it is one of those desserts to give you that back in time to grannies kitchen sort of feel good. It only takes some rice, be it leftover or fresh made, sugar, milk, butter, cinnamon and a vanilla bean or vanilla extract and a pot. Easy to make, an oh so yummy!

Key Takeaways:

  • Rice pudding can be a surprisingly tasty treat for anyone as well. The end result will have a creamy texture that needs to be tried.
  • Include cinnamon and vanilla into the mix to enjoy the experience itself. Grandmothers have made rice pudding for the longest time that way.
  • Feel free to get a little creative with the dish overall as well. Rice pudding can be changed up as people see fit at the table.

“Whenever I eat it, I feel like a little kid again, sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table. There’s just something about those warm flavors of cinnamon and vanilla and that creamy texture. I crave it!”

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