Salmon Wellington Recipe

Salmon Wellington may not be an item you see regularly, but this recipe will give you the chops to make it regularly. The wrapped dough helps seal in all the moisture and doesn’t let it dry out like it can on a pan. You still will coat it with mushrooms like a regular beef wellington, but you will also add in spinach to give it a good complimentary flavor to go with that salmon. Also unlike the regular beef, the recipe advises you use simple bakes, a premade filet from Gortons.

Key Takeaways:

  • This salmon recipe is simple and easy to make in just an hours time.
  • You can make this with frozen salmon from the grocery store.
  • The salmon turns out to be tender and the sauce adds flavor to the dish.

“Another note of importance is that a lot of people practice Lent this time of year and are looking for fish recipes for Fish Fridays.”

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