Sweet Potato Bun

The beauty of a sweet potato bun is matched only by its delicious fragrance, supplied by a deceptively small cardamom pod. While seemingly complex to make, the bun is designed to provide several helpings and make an aesthetically pleasing addition to any meal. The dough is mixed, shaped into a segmented ring around a central mound, sprinkled with flax seeds or meal, and then allowed to rise before being steamed in an oven. The roll is then brushed with melted butter to finish it off.

Key Takeaways:

  • Uses cardamon seeds in the recipe and it makes it fragrant.
  • Made with sweet potatoes to give the bread a different and sweet flavor.
  • Let it ferment to give the bread a different taste and allow it to rise.

“I enjoy the shortcut of getting 8 rolls out of one shaping”

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