The Best Red Wine Sangria Recipe

The Red Wine Sangria is not a hard recipe to make and it not only gives you detailed written instructions, but also a video showing exactly how to make it. This tasty looking recipe can be described as “Not too sweet” because the blog writer stated that they dislike the sweet version of Red Wine Sangria. The ingredients include oranges, a lemon, granulated white sugar, triple sec, bottle of fruity red wine, and an optional brandy. Simply Delicious.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure to let the wine set in the fridge so the flavors can gel.
  • You’ll need to really like citrus flavors and not much sugar for this concoction.
  • If you want to feel like you have been to a foreign land try this sangria recipe.

“I love to make this recipe to share with just my husband and me. It only calls for one bottle of red wine, and we don’t have any problem drinking a bottle of wine between us!”

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