The Food Lab: Chacarero Chileno, a Steak Sandwich as Delicious as It Is Unlikely

Chacarero Chileno is a traditional Chilean street food. It is made from a thinly sliced sirloin typically but this recipe uses flank steak so you don’t have to pound down any meat and you get that fine texture of the flank steak. The steak is grilled up using mayo typically, but this calls for a garlic aioli homemade and brushed on the steak. The simplicity of the meal is what makes it so good and easy.

Key Takeaways:

  • This is a traditional street food made with simple ingredients served throughout Chile.
  • Traditionally you use sirloin but this recipe likes the texture of flank steak.
  • The steaks are rubbed with a garlic aioli and grilled to give them their flavor

“But great taste memories like that, even if they are rose-tinted, offer us another great benefit: they give us a bar to aspire to when recreating the dish at home.”

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