The Food Lab: How to Make Japanese Katsu at Home

A descriptive and fairly technical article about the ideal techniques for preparing homemade katsu, or breaded and fried cutlets. As with all Food Lab recipes, descriptions of food science and explanations of the technical reasons for the superiority of certain techniques accompany the actual recipe. The reader learns, for instance, what the ideal thickness of each cutlet should be. The reader is also encouraged, based on anecdotal, photo, and scientific evidence to salt cutlets immediately before preparation, rather than attempting to brine them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chicken katsu, a flash-fried meat dish, is an easy thing to make at home.
  • The key is the panko crumb, a light, and airy crumb, quite unlike the highly flavored and round crumbs in the US
  • The prep is simple using the normal egg/flour/panko 3 part combo and frying at an even 300 degrees.

“Katsu has established itself so firmly in the food culture that it could be considered a national comfort-food staple.”

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