The Food Lab: Japanese-Style Tempura

Tempura is a an easy and fun way to prepare food. The quick coating gives the vegetables a platform to be fried in and allows them to drain a bit. There are a few great tips in here that show how to make almost every appropriate vegetable, from green beans (trim the ends) to zucchini (cut into batons or 1/2 circles). Using this chart will make your adventures into batter frying that much easier when you are ready to try it out.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tempura is cooked by chefs who train for years before ever cooking it, and who perform with precision and skill.
  • Traditional tempura batter is made by combining flour with eggs and ice-cold water.
  • Cooks can use tricks like adding vodka or club soda can extend the life of the batter.

“The key characteristics of a tempura-style batter are the extreme lightness of color and texture: Good tempura should be pale blond with an extraordinarily lacy, light, and crisp coating.”

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