The Food Lab: We Should All Eat More Crepes, Starting Now

Many foodies have come to think of crepes as a fancy food item. Mere pancakes can be found everywhere, but crepes are something special for people to try. A basic crepe batter requires fewer ingredients and fewer bowls to make. Cooks have sometimes called them skinny pancakes because they are easy to make. People find that the crepes can be a versatile food item too. They can actually be eaten for dinner with various savory dishes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Crepes are that simple thing we should be making now and are a great way to dress up a normal breakfast.
  • They lend themselves to so many options, letting you make sweet ones for breakfast, or savory depending on the mood
  • The best part is the ingredients, just simple flour, eggs and milk, all mixed up and you are basically ready to go.

“Honestly, crepes skinny pancakes are one of the fastest and most versatile breakfasts, dinners, or midnight snacks I can think of. Once you get comfortable with them, you’ll have opened up a whole world of quick, delicious meals.”

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