The Only Minestrone Soup Recipe You Need

Winter is that time to start breaking out your soup recipes. This recipe boasts itself to be the best available. Minestrone is a perfect one pot dish as well as a “clean out the fridge” kind of dish since all veggies tend to make their way into this dish. This recipe is no different using a combination tomatoes, potatoes, and kale, as well as noodles and beans, to flavor the pre-made chicken broth and you have an easy go-to meal that takes no time to make, prep, or re-heat for later.

Key Takeaways:

  • Minestrone soup proves to be a popular choice among many people. It is hearty and healthy for anyone willing to make the soup.
  • Load the soup with vegetables, beans, and noodles for a tasty base. Bold flavors are incorporated with the right selection of herbs and spices.
  • Minestrone is a hearty soup and perfect for colder weather during the year. Heat the soup and let the ingredients meld together for a great taste.

“Since soup is intended for hearty weather, I like to load mine up with vegetables, beans, noodles, and bold flavors.”

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