Ultra-Satisfying Buffalo Chicken Rice Bowls Recipe

Buffalo Chicken rice bowls with brown rice, vegetables, and protein can be made quickly and easily and make a great, healthy meal. The article links to a previous recipe for Buffalo Wing sauce or advises you to use your own or a store-bought one. The recipe then calls for fluffy brown rice (or allows you to substitute white rice if you prefer) then add salad greens and steamed broccoli on top. They cook chicken breast in a pan, searing on high, then covering the pan and turning down the heat – you can add the broccoli to steam during the last 5 minutes. The article gives an easy to print and clip version of the recipe at the end along with nutrition information.

Key Takeaways:

  • Whip up a quick buffalo sauce to top baked chicken pieces. Combine these simple ingredients for a spicy and delicious option.
  • Brown rice is a common ingredient in the bowl recipe in the kitchen. But it is possible to substitute white rice in a pinch too.
  • Finish off the dish with a dollop of ranch dressing on top. The ranch dressing will pair well with the spiciness of the buffalo sauce.

“The star is perfectly cooked chicken breast topped with our homemade buffalo wing sauce.”

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